Bayshore Solutions is a Kentico Gold PartnerBy Todd Baker, Bayshore Solutions Development Team

With the release of Kentico 9, the Content Management System has distinguished itself as a fully integrated ASP.NET CMS, E-commerce, and Online Marketing solution.  The newest features improve upon a product already recognized for its extensive capabilities as a web content management system and e-commerce platform; and now include a rich all-in-one set of online marketing capabilities.

Kentico has laid the groundwork for a more agile development approach with a new and improved ASP.NET MVC architecture option, robust support for continuous integration methodologies, and modularization for creating portable and reusable objects. The investment Kentico has made in supporting these features demonstrates an understanding of the importance of streamlining the development process.

Another giant leap forward for Kentico is the improved Web farm support, aimed at simplifying the deployment and management of cloud hosted implementations. This feature allows for easy and worry-free scalability, utilizing the power of the Cloud to accommodate fluctuating demands placed on your site.

Below are details on 5 key features of Kentico 9

Integrated Campaign Management

  • Centralized out-of-the-box support for end-to-end digital marketing
  • Complete campaign management; including assets, tracking standard UTM parameters, page visits, and conversion names
  • Integrated email marketing with complete campaign effectiveness reporting
  • Campaign overview to track based on status or naming segments
  • Custom campaign funnels to promote lead generation
  • Reporting and analysis to determine results quickly and help with optimization


  • Utilizes up-to-date technologies MVC design patterns promote code reusability, which can reduce development time
  • Full-control over markup for better SEO

Continuous Integration

  • Out-of-the-box functionality that allows for the easy porting and synchronization of modifications across developers and environments
  • Integrated Source Control provides the ability to rollback and restore to any previous version
  • Collision detection to help expose and resolve any and all conflicts incurred in Source Control
  • Generation of serialized XML files to further aid in seeing and merging changes quickly and efficiently
  • Support for TFS, GIT, VS, and any Continuous Integration servers
  • Centralized management of source and data promotes enables better development team collaboration and can improve development times by up to 30%


  • Create custom modules that are easy for users to deploy and uninstall
  • Streamline development work by creating modules that are reusable across projects
  • Easy updating of modules through the use of NuGet packaging

Web Farm Support

  • Web server replication to handle increases in site traffic while delivering consistent content to all visitors
  • Optimized for the Cloud – define simple rules for automatic scaling of site to provide a consistent delivery of content, no matter the load incurred by your site
  • Manual or automatic setup options
  • Health tracking of the server farm, capable of taking poor functioning nodes offline until they can return to acceptable health

With the release of version 9, it is clear that Kentico is focused on the needs of their customers, current market drivers, and merging technologies that affect business in today’s BtoB and BtoC markets. This integrated and holistic web platform should merit consideration as the CMS foundation for your next website.

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