Google Pay-Per-Click Updates

Google doesn’t give advertisers much space to add marketing messages into their pay per click ads, but what most people are not aware of (or aren’t taking advantage of) are Ad Extensions. An Ad Extension allows advertisers to add more lines of text to their regular ads and it doesn’t cost the advertiser any more money to use this feature. If someone clicks on your ad extension link it will cost the same as if someone clicked on your regular text advertisement.

Types of Ad Extensions:

  • Location Extensions – This includes your local business address and phone number. You can include many locations in one campaign and the one closest to the Google Searcher will appear in the ad they see.


  • Phone Extensions – This allows you to add your phone number to the advertisement and if viewed from a mobile device it enables  the viewer to “click to call” from your advertisement.


  • Sitelinks – This extension allows advertisers to include four additional links in the advertisement. The links have to be relevant to the search and will only show for high quality ads.


  • Product Extensions – This allows you to show a sample of your products in your ad by connecting with your Google Merchant Center account. *You must have a Merchant Center account to run Product Extension ads.


From my past experience I have seen that CTR% (click through rates) and conversion rates increase when Ad Extensions are used in pay-per-click campaigns. Many advertisers are not aware of how simple it is to set these up and how effective they are. If you need any help or advice on managing your Paid Search (PPC) campaign contact Bayshore Solutions and one of our online marketing account managers can help!


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