By: Jason Dorsett – Bayshore Solutions IT Team

Bayshore Solutions has been setting up Google Apps for Business for a few years now for our clients. Google apps for Business, has some pretty impressive features. It gives you 25 GB of storage, shared calendars, spam filtering, and push e-mail to phone though the Gmail app available for Android and Apple devices. You get all of this for 5 dollars per user per month. However, Google has a lesser known free product for individuals and small team called Google Apps Standard.

Google doesn’t really advertise the Standard service. You can view it here. The Standard service has all the same features as a normal Gmail account but it lets you use your own domain name. It does have some limitations. You are limited to ten user accounts and 10 GB of storage. If you need more than ten user account or 10 GB of storage you must upgrade to the business account. However the process to upgrade to the Business account is very easy and you don’t have to make any changes on your devices.

I have moved my own personal e-mail to Google Apps Standard and I will never go back. The 10 accounts are perfect for just my family. The basic spam filters have completely removed spam from my inbox and the service always just works no support necessary.


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