by Nate Velazquez, Bayshore Solutions Digital Marketing Team

Recently Google announced several new features coming to AdWords during their Google Performance Summit and AdWords blog. Expanded Text Ads, one of the many new features announced, is one of the biggest updates to traditional search advertising since AdWords inception in 2000. While Expanded Text Ads are still in Beta, this new ad format has many advertisers jumping at the chance to start using these ads right away.

What Are Expanded Text Ads?


Simply put, Expanded Text Ads are larger ads that appear on Google’s search results pages. The image above shows the difference between these new ad formats and traditional ads. As you can see, Expanded Ads are physically larger, taking up more space on any device. This is greatly beneficial on mobile devices where the ads take up the whole width of the screen. Along with the ads being larger, Expanded Ads also increase the character limits. Instead of being limited to 35 characters for a headline, Expanded Ads allow advertisers to use up to two lines of 35 characters each. The ad description limit has also increased, going from two 35-character lines to one 80-character description line. Finally, instead of adding a Display URL, advertisers can add one to two paths to your domain URL. In the example above, these two paths are “NewYorkCity” and “Budget” respectively.

Why the Change?

Google expects this change to have a significant impact for advertisers and their campaigns. Early tests from Google say advertisers can expect up to a 20% increase in click-through rates, a significant increase in performance. As a Certified Google Partner Agency, Bayshore Solutions was able to enroll clients in Beta Expanded Ads in May 2016. So far we’ve seen some significant improvements in two different industries:

(June 2016 Campaign Stats)

  • 15% increase in search ads CTR – truck accessories
  • 48% increase in search ads CTR – charter vacations

While we’ve only had a few weeks’ worth of data to analyze, we’re very excited based on these initial results.

How to Prepare

Some advertisers already have the option to create Expanded Text Ads if they enrolled in the Beta earlier this year. Even if you don’t currently have the option to create Expanded Text Ads, you can start to prepare for the official roll out now. Start preparing a CSV file for your new ads. You should base your columns off of the AdWords CSV titles for an easy import when Expanded Text Ads are officially announced to all advertisers. Be sure to designate “headline 1” and “headline 2” in your columns. Preparing your file import now will allow you to move faster than your competition, have better quality ads, and earn more conversions or sales when the time comes.

Working with an experienced partner makes all the difference in online advertising. The digital marketing team at Bayshore Solutions is always testing new features and refining our advertising processes for the greatest benefit for our clients. Contact us today for more information on online advertising, paid search, and all things digital marketing.

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