By: Lucy Esteves – Bayshore Solutions Director of  Project Management

As a parent of toddlers, I understand the great lengths of due diligence and evaluation that are applied to selecting who I entrust the care, health, safety and competitive readiness (for functioning in society) of my most precious “assets” – my children.  As a Senior Project Manager at Bayshore Solutions I see a clear correlation to why businesses should approach the “care and development” of their crucial marketing and communications asset – their website – with the same rigor.

While there are numerous ways to stay cost-effective when building a business website, the phrase “You get what you pay for” is generally true. Choosing a dedicated web company with proven results, exceptional references and a team to count on is imperative.

I have worked on many “rescue and rehabilitation” web projects where companies are trying to recover from significant setbacks and losses stemming from choosing the wrong web partner and entrusting their brand’s online presence to smooth-talking, economical, yet ultimately incapable caretakers.  I have also worked with businesses who understand the importance of choosing the right partner, and who put me through my due diligence paces.  I’m pleased to report that together we have built numerous highly functional, articulate, socialized and ready-for-the-world (of business competition and high performance) websites.

At risk of sounding like your mom, here is my best advice when selecting a company to entrust your web presence with: Do your research, interview thoroughly and go with the company that not just makes you feel most comfortable, but demonstrates a proven track record of competence. One that is an expert, has exceptional references, and a team you can count on.

Bayshore Solutions excels in all of these categories. Our case studies and client list cover so many industries, you’d be hard pressed not to find a related example of our work.

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