Social Media platform spectrum

A full spectrum of social media platforms for specific strategic marketing initiatives. Which combination is correct for your audience?

by: Sarah Martisek, Bayshore Solutions Digital Marketing team

A few weeks ago Bayshore Solutions sent a team of Digital Marketing Managers including me to a social media conference in Tampa, FL called Social Fresh. A quote from the first segment of the day, Jason Keith + Jason Yarborough: A #SocialFresh Podcast sums up social media so well that I felt compelled to share this. “Working in social media is like trying to ride a pony in a bounce house,” meaning that the only consistency is change.

Throughout the day we noticed the same overarching theme of how quickly the social media scene can change. So how do we keep up in this ever changing environment?

Never Stop Learning:

Go to conventions and hear other thought leaders speak.  Dedicate time in your day to research new tools and case studies.

Use Your Tools:

Any great craftsman is only as good as his/her tools. When you find a new tool research the product, evaluate if it is right for your companies needs and then start to test it out for yourself. If you want to become better at video, set a schedule to practice your skills (insert your mother’s voice here.) And most importantly, use these tools to keep organized!

KNOW Your Audience:

Never underestimate the value of research time when looking at your target audience. Who is engaging? Are there particular influences for your audience? The more you know about your audience the better prepared you are to respond to their needs.


Understanding our digital marketing customers’ audiences is one of the first things we do at Bayshore Solutions, whether we are building a website, putting together SEO and Paid Search campaigns, or developing powerful social media strategies to help them reach their business goals.  We even offer an in-depth study that essentially explores your buying audiences, their drivers, and aligns your Marketing and Brand “Story” to synch with them and drive the results you are looking for.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can put your story to work for you, driving success from your web pages through your social media engagement.



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