increase lead generationWho could use more leads? If you asked this in a room full of B2B marketers and sales people, most would raise their hand. More leads mean more opportunity for sales and there are many ways to increase lead generation efforts, but it can be a challenging (and sometimes costly) endeavor.

To build a lead generation engine with a lot of horsepower, you must learn to make the best use out of the different parts that keep the engine running. These parts can include your offers, your content strategy, sales approach and more.  Consulting with a reputable digital marketing firm is also a great way to keep that engine running smoothly.

Our previous blog on lead generation details website must haves that will help in generating more leads and customers. Here we’ll go through some different “parts” and actionable tips that can help increase lead generation at your B2B business.

Buying Stages

Prospects at different buying stages require different forms of content and offers to move them down your sales funnel. Here are the different stages and the best offers/content for each.

  • Awareness stage. Blogs, emails, newsletters, tip sheets, checklists, infographics, slideshows, podcasts, guides.
  • Evaluation stage. Testimonials, case studies, demos, solution-focused whitepapers, FAQs, webinars.
  • Purchase stage. Consultations, pricing sheets, estimate/quotes, discounts.

Understanding what will resonate best with a prospect, based on which stage they are in, can help engage and motivate them to move to the next stage.

Top B2B Channels

Email, live events, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing and podcasts are the channels that produce the best results for B2B businesses.  Speaking of podcasts, they’re a great way to increase lead generation and almost 80% of people say they would listen to podcasts.

If you plan on creating a podcast strategy and don’t know where to start, use Libsyn for distribution, Skype for recording and Canva for design and graphics.  You’ll also want to invest in a good microphone to produce quality audio content.

Content Strategy

For any given search on Google, the content of the top three organic results average about 2,450 words each. This can help set a benchmark for what you should aim for if you’re trying to increase your SEO rankings.

Other helpful hints to enhance your content strategy to increase lead generation include:

  • Research the top results for keywords you want to rank for. Who is showing up and what are they doing?
  • Use Google Analytics to identify the posts driving the most organic traffic and finds ways to optimize that page and/or repurpose the content.
  • The reason Wikipedia results tend to show up at the top is because they are continually being revised, augmented and added to. This should be part of your strategy: Keep making current and past content better.

Sales Approach

The tactics above relate to marketing, but sales is the other player in the lead generation game.  A great approach your sales team can use to increase lead generation is to use LinkedIn.  A sales rep can build themselves up as a thought leader, which builds trust in prospects, by using the following techniques:

  • Take relevant content they find on the web and summarize it in their feed
  • Answer questions in Quora and summarize them in a status
  • Use their own company’s content and summarize it in their posts

Also, to advance sales conversations once a lead comes in, sales should strive to keep the conversation going, avoid going for the hard sell, and share “hot” topics with prospects to spark discussion.

Increasing lead generation is a challenging task that many B2B marketing and sales departments face. But by executing on the tips above, you’ll be better equipped to meet that challenge and hopefully come out with more leads because of it.

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