By: Bayshore Solutions Management Team

Bayshore Solutions’ mission to integrate marketing prowess with information technology to deliver our clients measurable success. Our ability to do so is based upon a proven methodology. This methodology is shared with all of our clients and most solutions outlined, managed, and delivered in the very same fashion. It starts with the understanding of our clients’ objectives to support short and long-term goalsEnvision.

We then progress through the creative phases of a project by identifying frameworks, messaging, and first impressions that speak to our target audiences Design.

Then our creative concepts come to life with the development within today’s latest technologies Build.

With an asset in-hand (many times a website and/or marketing strategy), we can now execute the subsequent phases of attracting visitors – Attract,

examining their behaviors – Examine,

connecting these behaviors through the most comfortable means or mediums for each individual user – Connect

and finally engaging audiences in a meaningful way – Engage.

This blog isn’t about ‘Why Bayshore Solutions’ or a further dialogue on our Methodology (although it can be further reviewed here: Bayshore Solutions Methodology). Rather, the meaning of “ENGAGEMENT” is something that has garnered  attention beyond its marketing practicality.  What defines “ENGAGEMENT”? Is there a process-driven organized thought process where one can measure their own level of engagement and that of  employees and clients? We searched Google and found just that… and now we want to share it with you!

As noted within the article, low levels of engagement are on the bottom of the pyramid, deeper levels of engagement as one progresses upwards within the pyramid. We progress from bottom-up through the pyramid in our personal lives and business responsibilities where quantitative measurement is more easily captured in the lower levels but more subjective (and meaningful )  as we move upwards. Where do you fall? What would move you upwards? Why? The last question seems always to be the toughest.


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