By:  Bayshore Solutions Digital Marketing Team

LinkedIn released a new advertising program this summer that allows advertisers to reach more visitors via Sponsored Updates on the news feed.

Until recently marketers could only use clearly defined advertising space on LinkedIn with display ads, however the new program allows marketers to advertise on the news feed and get more views on the content and information they’re trying to market.

For companies with a strong content marketing strategy, the new LinkedIn Sponsored Updates program is a good option for those companies to reach their target audience with relevant content.

LinkedIn offers a variety of targeting options with accuracy to ensure you’re reaching your target audience. It’s a must for content driven strategies.

What marketers should know about the new program –

  • LinkedIn clearly defines the content is sponsored with a tag next to the brand name
  • The sponsored post blends into the news feed and doesn’t interrupt to audiences flow of reading
  • There’s a clear call to action with a “Follow Bank of America”  link in the ad
  • Viewers can also interact with the brand by “Liking” or “Commenting” on the update




 How to Define Your Target Audience –

  • Choose who you want to see your ad – everyone, non-followers or followers of your company page.
  • Target users based on location with filters of continent, country, state and metro area.
  • Narrow the reach of your sponsored content based on industry and company size, or you can target based on actual company name.
  • Target by a person’s role at their company – title, function and seniority.
  • Target by “school,” “skills,” “interests” and more. (You can target a viewer by any field a LinkedIn member uses to identify himself in his profile.)




How Budget and Bidding Works –

LinkedIn allows you to pay by cost per click (CPC) or cost per impression (CPM). They won’t charge you for any interactions, such as Likes, Comments or Shares.

You can choose your budget based on a daily budget or campaign budget and it will run your content until the budget is exhausted and you can decide if you’d like your ad to run indefinitely or until an end date.

You have total control over how much money you want to spend on your campaign, however each campaign has a minimum bid that varies depending on how much competition there is for the audience you’re targeting.

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates is an easy new way to share relevant content and interact with your target audience.

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