By: Bayshore Solutions Digital Marketing Team

Every marketing professional knows that the best way to spend your time and advertising dollars is to make sure you are targeting the right audience with the right message.

Email marketing has always been a great platform for this. Email marketing gives the ability to create targeted email lists that in return, allow us to tailor our messaging to the right audience. (This method has proven to increase engagement with higher open rates, CTRS (click- through-rates), and conversion rates.

Now, a new platform is enabling this same marketing tactic. LinkedIn has given us the ability to segment our audience through showcase pages. Showcase pages are extensions of your LinkedIn company page, designed to help break out different sections of your business.

Why is this helpful? You can now drive engagement with a dedicated page, with an audience who is 100% relevant. Just because someone followed your company page, does not mean that they are interested in every single product or service that you have to offer.

Each showcase page can have its own messaging and audience. For example, if you are a staffing company that focuses on 5 key industries such as, technology, retail, healthcare, insurance, and engineering, you can break each one of these industries out into its own showcase page.

Here, you can target your messaging to each industry. For example, you can post healthcare news, candidates, and jobs on the healthcare showcase page, instead of your broad company page. This ensures that your content is not being overlooked by half of your audience if it does not pertain to them.

Showcase pages will be replacing the current products/services section of LinkedIn on April 14th. What does this mean for your company LinkedIn page? Companies will need to re-create this section of their LinkedIn account with the new showcase pages.

Each company can create up to 10 showcase pages. Once set up, you can monitor each page with LinkedIn analytics.

Below is an example of a showcase page:


Some major differences between a showcase page and other pages on LinkedIn:

• The layout and image format are different.
• Unlike a group page, businesses can advertise on showcase pages.
• Unlike company pages, there are no other tabs that display on the page.
• Showcase pages all link directly back to the business page.
• Employee profiles cannot be attached to a showcase page, only the company page.

Many are displeased by LinkedIn’s changes, especially companies who originally paid to have their products/services sections created, but I believe these new showcase pages will only benefit companies with their branding, customer engagement, and SEO efforts in the long run.

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