marketing automationMuch of the focus on technology in digital marketing revolves around strategies to build a better customer base, drive more traffic to a website and get a higher number of leads.

That’s all well and good. But once you have more leads, how can technology help you close the sale? Marketing automation can provide answers.

The term “marketing automation” can include any platform or tool that allows you to automate, measure and streamline routine marketing tasks. That leads to more efficient and effective marketing that and frees up time for your staff .

It’s an exploding area of marketing. Grand View Research has projected that the market for marketing automation software will reach $7.63 billion by 2025. Having such systems will become commonplace for companies that want to stay ahead.

Here’s a look at how your technology should be working for you.

CRM Integration

Your website’s customer relationship management (CRM) platform can work well at capturing lead information. That information becomes even more powerful when paired with a marketing automation platform. The best systems combine both, such as HubSpot.

In HubSpot, data from the entire customer journey through your sales funnel is collected, giving your marketing staff more information and can be used in automated workflows that can lead to faster closed sales.

How Marketing Automation Helps Sales

A marketing automation platform can then help nurture a lead without a large time investment by your staff. Marketing automation can:

  • Allow you to communicate, evaluate and accelerate your leads through your sales funnel
  • Send automated email communication to potential customers
  • Tracks real-time customer engagement with your content, such as web pages viewed, emails received/opened/clicked on and articles read
  • Provide extensive reporting on customers behavior, including a timeline of their interaction with your website

In short, marketing automation demonstrates exactly what people mean by a “data-driven” sales team.

Using the data form a marketing automation platform, sales staff can make more informed decisions about sales tactics, determine whether specific sale initiatives are working and gain a better understanding of what strategies work best with clients who demonstrate specific kinds of behavior.

This access to a wealth of data makes marketing automation a powerful tool for businesses. It can not only help better track customer interactions with your business, but also give sales staff a big advantage by identifying the patterns that indicate a person is ready to buy.

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