By:  Bayshore Solutions Digital Marketing Team

I attended the Google Digital Cruise Conference last week in Miami and I was a bit skeptical of a Google conference since Google presentations are normally very high level, but I ended up being very impressed with the speakers and content.

As I was sitting at my desk trying to put this blog together I was racking my brain to figure out what points from a cruise conference would be beneficial to everyone. Then I realized… marketing is marketing!  Many ideas and tactics can span across many industries and what works for one industry may or may not work for another so you have to try and test many things to see what works.

Here are some general marketing points I found very interesting….

  • Set conditions for satisfaction – Make sure everyone involved in the organization understands the importance of customer satisfaction. If everyone doesn’t understand the importance of happy customers then the process of making them happy won’t be set correctly.
    • 43% of consumer complaints are about bad service; 77% blame the employees’ attitude; and 83% of people will tell someone else about that bad experience.
  • No one is going to die – This is something I regularly try to tell my team. We are in marketing, not performing brain surgery. If we have a bad idea that crashes and performs horribly, we will all still be alive tomorrow. So be risky sometimes and try something “outside the box”.
  • Look good and have a personality – If you want to be successful you have to look professional. No one is going to buy anything from you if you, your employees, marketing pieces, website, etc. look like garbage.
  • Social marketing is about hearts and minds not eyeballs and ears
    • So many people want to know what the ROI on Social Media Marketing is but the real question should be what the return on ignoring it is.
    • Treat social media like you are always on a first date – Don’t yell at the person about what you want them to do, be polite and respectful.

As I mentioned before, testing things to figure out what will work for your company is so important but it’s difficult to do this if you don’t know what to track. Below is some information on what to track and analyze in analytics (and of course Google mentioned they would like for everyone to use their analytics platform).

  • Traditional Marketing metrics are tracked on “faith-based initiatives”. We are so lucky in the digital world to have concrete data to make decisions from, so use it!
  • The Google Analytics Expert mentioned that HITS is defined as “How Idiots Track Success”. While knowing how many visitors you had to your site/landing page is important, it’s not a metric that specifically tracks the success of a campaign.
  • Track Bounce Rate – It’s important to make sure you are driving the proper traffic to your website, test multiple landing pages to find which pages have a lower bounce rate.
  • Give a value to each conversion metric on your site. A direct “Contact Me Now” form may be the main goal, but Newsletter sign ups are also important and deserve a value assigned to them as well.
  • Learn how to be wrong quickly! Test many things, but also learn how to identify when things are wrong or right quickly so you don’t waste your money.

I think marketing is so exciting and I love seeing the results of a campaign that I worked on whether it turns out good or bad. We all have heard that you learn from your mistakes, right? So, go out there, be creative, push the limit a little and figure out what will work for your company.


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