By: Kimberly McCormick – Bayshore Solutions Corporate Marketing Team

Social Media Career Killers In this session, Daniel Burstein, Director of Editorial Content for Marketing Sherpa/MecLabs moderated a panel of B2B Social media experts including: Eddie Smith, Chief Revenue Officer of Topsy Labs; Chris Baggott, Chairman of Compendium; and Nicole Kelly, President of SME Digital, in clarifying five things NOT to do if you want to develop a successful Social Media program. While this may seem to be an obvious list for native digital marketers, it is a good back-to basics checklist (And the panel tagged on a few interesting tips and ideas for social media marketing) 5 Social Media Career Killers to Avoid: 1. Thinking your CFO is your nemesis when you are justifying the cost of Social Media:

  • Understand what CEO & CFO want/care about –
    • Show metrics of Social Media that impact leads & sales
    • Social media should be 1 line item, with metrics that are Cost and savings based to the company, i.e.:
      • Cost per impression,
      • Cost per engagement (Site visit),
      • Cost per lead
  • How-to’s for getting traffic and lead gen from social media efforts:
  • A smart marketer embeds links in tweets
    • Yet only approx 10% of tweets have links
  • Have Calls to Action on your  Blog –
  • Curate a collection of blog entries into  e-books
    • Place a form on your blog page with content item as fulfillment

2. Thinking you need to produce Single Use Content

  • A Most effective tactic is re-purposing and reusing content
  • Use a content calendar
  • Need to produce the right volume of content – onion – use a layered content approach
    • Create short form content item (Blog post)
    • Expand it to an article
    • Make a webinar around the topic
    • Produce a quick podcast on the topic

3. Creating Content that is Not Authentic

  • Make sure what we retweet or post os  is real – not a faked persona people can see through this , and it destroys your trust and credibility in social media
  • So much content is still in marketing-speak – this is not interesting
    • Use a human and conversational tone in SM
  • Think about how to help others versus selling all the time
    • Though at some point we need to post some kind of an offer
    • To mix it up tie in with a funny picture, some human interest item (Share-potential – make it fun for the end user)
  • Idea for authentic content:  use customer  service email answers, or sales emailed answers to questions as blog posts
    • Start gathering  these golden nuggets by asking  your company Subject Matter Experts /sales people etc., to copy Marketing on these answer-emails
    • Embedding photos and things that people find interesting

4. Treating  Social media like it is something ”Special”:

  • All Marketing channels need to integrate:
    • Email, social media  etc., need to align together,
    • Can’t treat  social media as a separate fiefdom
  • Leads that first encounter a brand in Social Media tend to convert in other tactics. Marketers and companies need to need to understand the influence
  • Don’t present SM metrics by themselves – show how they influence other channels
  • Absolutely embed links to posts, driving traffic to your site, encouraging further engagement

5. Not soliciting outside content:

  • Customer reviews are most effective in influencing conversions
  • Use customer stories to power your content marketing and social media presence
    • People will share their own content
  • Consider a 80/20 approach: 80% sharing 3rd party content – 20% your own content
    • Positions credibility & trust in prospects (you arehelping your customers
  • Consider letting customers blog for you

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