By: David Roberts – Bayshore Solutions Programming Team

Technology is always changing. As websites have evolved over the last 10 years from bulky, slow-loading, and fairly static pages to robust, interactive, full-blown applications– so has the technology that powers and is used to develop them. Staying on top of all of the latest technology can be quite challenging, but is also very rewarding.

Microsoft has recently released its 2012 versions of several applications that are used to develop and power websites. Visual Studio 2012, .NET 4.5, Team Foundation Server 2012, and SQL Server 2012 are some of the latest versions of applications that are used in the development of a website.  These latest versions offer many new features and improvements over their predecessors. Rather than elaborate on specifics of how each of these tools benefit developers I will focus on how they benefit the websites that are built with them.

First and foremost, websites developed using these new technologies will perform better and faster. Whether it be the core framework and processing power or the speed at which information is requested and returned from the database, websites will experience better overall performance. Second, these tools have new functionality that makes website development more streamlined and accurate. This allows websites to be developed faster, tested easier, and managed better. By increasing developer productivity with these tools, development time and cost can be reduced and more efficient websites can be produced.

Bayshore Solutions’ web development team prides itself in staying current with the newest technology and practices; we have strategized and developed a roll-out plan for each of the new products mentioned earlier. We believe that their use will deliver a better final product to our customers and we are excited to find even more ways that technology can drive success.


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