Our 4 Favorite Features of Sitefinity 9.2 webinar recap blogBy Mary Jirak, Bayshore Solutions Senior Project Manager

On October 5th Progress Sitefinity released version 9.2. From our perspective, as a  Sitefinity certified development partner, we are excited to say the least! The 9.2 release is packed with 8 major enhancements plus other bug fixes and various updates. Here are the key takeaways for some of our favorite enhancements from the 9.2 release:

Touch Points Discovery

Allows digital marketers to focus on optimizing the experience of end users and ultimately increase conversions through the use of machine learning. Users are able to set touch points to better understand the user experience.

Page Template Revision History

This enhancement has a lot rolled into it, but in summary, template revision history has been added to allow users to trace back to and revert to a specific update (similar to pages) and content editors can edit widget content from pages.

This means that the content editor user no longer needs to request a development change or create a new template to make content within a widget area unique to a page. Sitefinity also included the ability to view from the editable widget area within the template which pages have edited content. Thus allowing the template developer/editor to understand what has been customized and quickly see the impact of changing this template area.

Continuous Delivery

The continuous delivery enhancement provides a streamlined delivery for those who are using Sitefinity in a multi-staged environment (e.g. updates that pass through development, staging, and production environments). With continuous delivery, file-based configuration changes within certain environments are restricted and instead stored in the database, eliminating potential conflicts due to environment settings.

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Sitefinity Add-on Extensibility Framework

Now you can easily create add-on packages that can be installed (and uninstalled) on different Sitefinity instances, allowing for modular development, improved productivity, and increasing the speed in which Sitefinity websites are able to be delivered. The add-on is a NuGet package that includes DLLs, widgets & templates, configurations, Sitefinity-specific data, and other files.

To learn more about these enhancements and those not mentioned in this post check out the Progress Sitefinity webinar. Watch the webinar replay in its entirety (including live demos) to learn more about the upgrade and the Progress Digital Factory.

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