By: Kevin Hourigan – Bayshore Solutions’ President and CEO


‘Tis that Time of Year again… Well, yes, the Holiday Season is here, but, that is not the “Time of the Year” that I am referring to. What my thoughts involve are your annual Digital Workshop, where you can map out your next year’s digital marketing plan including goals, tactics, paths and desired results.


As we are having annual planning conversations with our customers, we start by reflecting back on the year and ask:

  • What have we as a team done well?
  • What could we have done better? and
  • What have we not done but should have?


As we gather answers to those three questions we ask for people’s opinions, review analytics with sales and revenue data, and reflect on what we have learned over the year through research, reading and attending conferences.


When we compare the answers that are provided by our customers as well as our team members here at Bayshore Solutions, it is always interesting to see what matches, as well as what did not match. At the end of the exercise, we have a list of items in three categories:

  • What we want to continue to stay the course with
  • What we want to adjust and improve upon
  • What we want to add to our current plan


With these three lists, we prioritize the top initiatives and work down the list; assigning who should be responsible, budgets associated as well as expectations of results, both measured by time and increase in activity.


At Bayshore Solutions, we love to “Plan our work and work our plan.” This simple structured exercise helps start conversations that ultimately may end up becoming very useful to help you plan your strategy for digital marketing and business initiatives.

Contact us to learn more about “Planning your work and working your plan” and the results we experience with our customers.



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