By: Derek Prospero – Bayshore Solutions Design Team

Apple vs Microsoft

Welcome to Windows. To do anything, go to My Options, Your Options, More Options, Advanced Options, Secondary Options, Banana-Nut Options, then locate the Options TAB and select ‘Tab Options.’ It will ask you to NOT un-save the most recent unsaved ‘save setting’ options (see ‘Optional Options’); if your options are previously a.) not unsaved, or b.) saved on a Tuesday, click the ‘DON’T PRINT’ button.

Welcome to Apple. To right-click, hold down SHIFT, CTRL, OPTION, and the symbol formerly-known-as-Prince— all at once. If you insert a CD or DVD, make sure it’s the one you want because there is no physical eject button to clutter your beautifully-minimalistic machine. For optimal performance, make sure you polish your keyboard with fine jewelry-grade cleaner. And just remember that if anything at all goes wrong, it’s probably your fault, moron.

Ah, the platform wars. There was a time when Windows meant glass and Apple meant fruit. As the two dominant consumer operating systems, Macs & PCs tend to invade professional tech conversations at every turn. Whichever you prefer, it is important to remember that tools are tools, and that human ingenuity was producing spectacular work long before there were computers.

I got started on Windows 3.1, and it was awesome. Sure, it’s downright prehistoric by modern standards, but there was something magically quirky about those early days. For ten solid years, I worked in the world of Windows while all my other designer cohorts made fun of me. When I finally switched to Mac, it wasn’t because of peer-pressure; it was because they finally revamped their OS. And I loved it. It simply worked better for me and for what I do, which is certainly not to say it’s without complaint. But in the world of web design, it’s hard to avoid the necessities of Windows, and that’s fine with me, too. I enjoy working on both platforms, seeing the way they spur each other’s innovation—and they do.

Competition is a cornerstone of American greatness. Without it, we’d still be running on DOS and steam-powered social networks. So the next time a ripped-jean Mac zealot with an Apple logo tattooed on his forehead tells you that Windows stinks, hold up a mirror. And the next time a PC user insults your pretty Mac, remind him that Windows does, in fact, stink.


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