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Agency Playbook & Practice Will Make the Difference for Your Business

By Stephen Massaro, Bayshore Solutions’ Project Management Team

Odell Beckham’s acrobatic catch in a football game against the Dallas Cowboys was an amazing feat! If you haven’t seen it enough, please click here or below to watch it one more time.

It was replayed ad nauseum for weeks following the game and was actually dubbed “The Catch That Broke The Internet” because it received so much web traffic for days following the game in November 2014 that the quantity of page view requests actually crashed servers.

Many fans are amazed because the assumption is that there is a one in a million chance that someone would be able to catch a football with one hand, mid-stride, while falling backward. However, the reality is that he and his collegiate teams at Louisiana State University were practicing one handed catches long before he made the highlight reel and became a household name. He practiced and was prepared for out of the ordinary situations so when the opportunity arose he was ready!

Now keep that mentality in mind and apply it to the business world. The web success that Bayshore Solutions clients’ achieve is a direct result of the documented web methodology that Bayshore Solutions practices. As a reminder of the commitment to this process, Bayshore Solutions actually has larger versions of this diagram framed and mounted in our conference rooms. This methodology is a strategic integration of web design, development and marketing which drives results from our client’s investments.

Staying on top of the latest marketing trends, a commitment to have a culture of constant learning, and maintaining digital and development certifications (Google Partners, NOP, Sitefinity, Kentico, etc.) is all part of the practice that has created “highlight reel” worthy results for our clients. The cliché that says “Championships are won in the off-season” implies that the majority of the hard work that it takes to achieve great things is done behind the scenes, out of the view of the general public. To view some of the case studies that exemplify how Bayshore Solutions practice has paid off for its’ clients, click here.

The variety of awards and accolades for our digital marketing and custom development are no coincidence. Bayshore Solutions has practiced and trained and is prepared for both the routine catch as well as the extraordinary, “highlight” reel” opportunities to exceed expectations for our customers.

Contact Bayshore Solutions to learn more about how we can help deliver measurable and significant results for your business.

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