By: Jody Roberts – Bayshore Solutions’ Senior Programmer

In October 2012, due to the closure of my previous company, I was faced for the first time in six years with the hurdle of having to find a new IT development position.  Being thrust into the current job market, finding the right fit for my skill set, personality, and career growth goals, was my highest priority.  Bayshore Solutions seemed to be that fit.

After six months as Senior Developer for Bayshore, it’s clear that I made the right choice. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why this company has exceeded my expectations:

1)      Development Makes an Impact:

Having worked in organizations where software development teams are under pressure to produce measurements to prove that they are adding value instead of being intrinsically valued as the “inventory” of expertise, it’s refreshing to work in a firm where development is perceived as an asset – not another “cost center.” Our skills are engaged directly with the goals of the business, providing value and positively impacting the bottom line.

2)      Everyone’s Input Matters:

During new web development, I discuss my solution approach with my team members and project managers.    Frequently, I am asked to provide insight on the best approach in the development of a solution.  As an employee, this conveys that my expertise is highly valued and respected. This encourages me to continually strive for efficiency and creativity in my solutions.

3)      Utilization of New Technologies:

In my 19 years as developer, the one thing that has remained constant is the need to keep abreast of new technologies and methods. In the past six months, tools like Kendo UI and Sitefinity CMS have been introduced along with training in topics such as MVC and Jquery.  Every Thursday, the development team comes together to either train or share new development practices.  Learning is an important part of our development path.

4)      Success is Shared:

Bayshore Solutions provides opportunities in monthly Town Hall meetings to discuss all aspects of the company’s inner workings.  Discussions can range from the projected financial goals and tracking of actual results to the items that the employees would like to see included in the vending machines.  It seems my idea of adding Pork Rinds didn’t make the cut. There’s always next month…

5)      Fun

I chose my profession because it challenges me and gives me a sense of accomplishment when I implement a creative solution.  I enjoy what I do.   Bayshore provides a professional, yet fun-loving atmosphere that creates the perfect balance of work and play. All work and no plush-cat-bowling would make for a very dull day. Feel free to stop by my desk anytime – the plush-cats are set up and ready.

Interested in working with us?  Bayshore Solutions is growing and seeking Programmers in their Tampa and Denver locations, as well as team members in a variety of positions.  Contact us for more information.

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