By: Bayshore Solutions’ Digital Marketing Team
It wasn’t long ago that we were scouring the web for the best tools for Pinterest Analytics. Sure you can see how Pinterest, as a referrer, leads conversions or generates revenue in Google Analytics, but what about the nitty gritty of how your pins, repins, likes, and links are performing on Pinterest.
Let’s break it down:

Set Up is a fairly simple process.  You have the ability to verify your site with Pinterest by either uploading a verification file, or adding a meta tag to your header. I think the easiest step by step guide is ShopIgniter’s “Turn on your Pinterest analytics. Seriously. Go do it now” found here.
What You Will See:

Site Metrics: Site Metrics allows you to monitor your Pinterest trends. The data is a daily average. You can control the date range and will also see a % change.  The Site Metrics includes: Pins (from your site to Pinterest), Pinners, Repins, Repinners, Impressions, Reach, Clicks and Visitors.

“Most” Trends: from Pinterest Analytics summarizes your pins within the categories of your Most Recent pins, Most Repinned, and Most Clicked.
Great, More Analytics. Now What?

Like all analytics, the power is in the interpretation. For Pinterest, this should be supported by a social strategy.  While it may be important for one company to have the highest impressions, for others, repining of “buzz” may be more important.

At Bayshore Solutions, we can set up and provide social media strategies that focus on a ROI.  Pinterest Analytics are a piece of this strategy, which when used correctly can improve your business.



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