Kevin Hourigan
President and CEO at Bayshore Solutions

Earlier this year, Progress Sitefinity recognized Bayshore Solutions with its 2016 Global Partner Award for Partner Collaboration.

As a certified Progress Sitefinity partner, our company joins hundreds of the best digital agencies and development shops out there. To be singularly recognized for our efforts in collaboration is a big honor and one that points to one of the underlying principles here at Bayshore: Teamwork.

We can share all kinds of statistics about our company that demonstrates this underlying value – from thousands of successful website launches to hundreds of industry awards. But to have Sitefinity as a partner that we work with side-by-side on a daily basis to recognize us for this core value speaks to the relationship we have and the mutual dedication of our teams.

This mutual commitment to create the best digital marketing tool out there with the necessary customizations, integrations and experience unique to each of our customer defines what teamwork means to us. And ultimately, it speaks to the essence of each companies: Progress and Solutions.

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Of course, winning this Sitefinity Partnership award could not take place without the trust and confidence our customers have placed in us to design and develop their website(s) as well as the dedication of the team at Bayshore Solutions whose training, teamwork, innovation, integrity and commitment to win have allowed us to receive this great award. I thank all of you and look forward to many more great solutions and results our Sitefinity Partnership will bring in the future.

We look forward to our continued partnership – in working collaboratively and creatively to create some of the best digital experiences out there.

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