Our Top 5 Takeaways from Social Fresh 2016

By Sarah Martisek, Digital Marketing Account Manager

socialfresh-audienceHere are the top 5 takeaways from the recent Social Fresh conference that business marketers need to be sure are a part of their Social Media marketing strategy:

1. Avoid Being Basic, Bro
Does your brand work traditionally on Facebook? Great. How about SnapChat? Have you tried a strategy to integrate that new platform? Want to take your content to a new medium or re-purpose in a more interesting fashion? Tyler Allen suggests taking a dive into Podcasts.

Trying something new is a win/win from the perspective that you can learn a new marketing strategy and try to gain a new audience for your brand or client.

2. Take Time To Define Your Journey
The single most important thing you can do as a marketer is to keep perspective and take time to really define the journey. See, hear, think, and define every aspect of the journey so you can better measure the movement your strategy makes. From there, refine and re-measure.

3. Be “Human First”
When considering any social media efforts, ensure you are “human first focused” according to presenter, Cory Vasquez. A long time veteran in the social media world, Vasquez cites how “human” the Oreo brand was during the Super Bowl blackout of 2013. Not everyone has a 15-person, real-time social media team, but we can certainly take a step back and ensure that what we post in social media does the following:

  • Show a sense of humor
  • Use everyday language
  • Engage in conversation
  • Acknowledge mistakes
  • Develop and use your unique voice

4. One Content Does NOT Fit All
Let’s talk content context: what is considered “good?” Product and features, Roles in consumers lives, Emotions and thoughts provoked. This PRE helps you find content’s “area of authority.” Then ask yourself where this content will fit, where will it distribute, and even what devices it will be read on. Finally, your story should determine your format.

5. How To Make An Instagram Campaign Last Forever
Where to start? Bring a crazy idea to life. Often these can have more longevity because they have more possibilities. Consider engaging other influencers by asking them to take over your Instagram, enjoy your product or share and item or experience. Ensure the influencer you pick represents your brand well and parse out the content. By engaging others you become a much more interesting brand than using just your own internal voice.

The  insights gained by participating in conferences like Social Fresh help Bayshore Solutions’ team stay on top of the latest opportunities and developments in digital marketing – and translating those learnings into results for your business.  Contact us to put our digital team on your marketing challenges today.

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