By: Doug Pace – Bayshore Solutions’ COO

In researching Internet Explorer 8 we have found that it receives mixed reviews.  Although many people are pleased with the browsers new functionality, many are negatively influenced by having their favorite sites not working correctly.  InformationWeek recently reported a decline in the browsers market share from 2.59% on March 19th to 1.86% on March 22nd.  The decline was thought to be attributed to the browsers compatibility issues resulting in users switching back to a more reliable platform.

In an effort to assist users and Web developers alike we have identified some of the most common compatibility issues.

Popular IE8 Issues

• Rendering Engine is Too Good – One problem with IE 8 is that it is very good at rendering code. Although this may not seem like a problem, many websites make use of conditional formatting tags or hacks to create workarounds for previous versions of Internet Explorer. These now conflict with IE 8, resulting in layout errors.

• Menu White Issue – If you are using the ASP.NET Menu control, you may encounter an issue where the menu appears as a white box in IE8 Standards Mode.  This issue has been reported multiple times and what IE8 is doing is actually correct. IE 8 is following the standards and (element).currentStyle.zIndex returns “auto” in Standards mode when zindex has not been set. The ASP.NET Menu control assumes a different value.

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