By: Bayshore Solutions’ Design Team

“Design” has an incredibly broad definition. Almost anything created by man demonstrates a design. Design has such a broad definition that many industries have their own version on it – graphic design, interior design, exterior design, culinary design, etc. The concept of design is so engrained  in each respective industry that the prefixes are implied and unnecessary when speaking within the group. All design is subject to trends. Early ad designs were heavy on words. Early car designs were just heavy. These trends evolved with our collective and cultural tastes.

Web design is a relatively new branch, and its pace has been quick. It has been defined not just by our evolving tastes, but by the rapid evolution of its supporting technology. Computers, devices, screens and connections have all dictated many of the possibilities and limitations of web design. It has only been in very recent years, however, that the possibilities have begun steadily winning.

Beyond a few years ago, video and large, high-resolution photos were generally prohibited by bandwidth speeds and smaller displays. Visually speaking, the “wow factor” (so often requested) was not easily attainable. Web designers would try, though, exhausting every bell, whistle and trick to make people forget how small all the photos were. These days, technology has matured enough to allow web designers the same tools as traditional graphic designers, and much more.

Photography and videos are the greatest of these tools. No longer is it enough to have great colors, great fonts, great bevels and shadows and boxes and textures. Now more than ever, website clients and visitors expect to be “wowed” the way humans have always been – with great big pictures like this:


Today, our culture is one of less words, less reading. You can see this reflected in the many recent high-profile abbreviations (Gatorade is now “G”; Dairy Queen is now “DQ”). More and more, and across all branches of design, wordless imagery is used to create universal, cross-language and cross-culture appeal.  For example, our website for Crystal Logistics uses imagery to showcase the high quality of the brand.


At Bayshore Solutions, our talented designers can create high-resolution imagery for your website.  ‘Wow’ websites can give your company an edge and make your website stand out from industry competition.

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