“CMOs Talk Digital Transformation,” Webinar by Progress Sitefinity: Key Takeaways

By Mary Thielen Jirak, Senior Project Manager

Back in 2012, Bayshore Solutions CEO, Kevin Hourigan, wrote about key strategies to win in the “Digital Revolution.” Today, our friends at Progress Sitefinity outline a case to embrace the need for “Digital Transformation.” (a.k.a.“Why Businesses Must Digitally Transform to Survive – and Thrive”).

Progress CMO, Melissa Puls, covers key response strategies for successful digital transformation and our client, Aspire Financial Services CMO, Shelia Reed, illustrates real-world transformation examples in the recent webinar, “Executive Insights: CMOs Talk Digital Transformation in Financial Services.”

You can view the entire Progress Sitefinity webinar here.

For those who may not have the 30 minutes required to watch the full webinar right now, below are some key takeaways…

Sheila Reed, CMO of Aspire Financial Services describes the journey of Aspire’s digital transformation.

One of Aspire’s key challenges was it’s rapidly growing business within an industry that needed technology help. Their digital transformation allowed Aspire to analyze their old content and way of engagement to better enhance their customer experience and how it is delivered.

The first step of Aspire’s digital transformation was to define their end goal — superior customer service with a world class experience — and then reverse-engineer the digital road map necessary to create their plan and meet this goal. Specific aspects of this effort included:

  • Analyzing every customer touch point (end consumers and partners). Then developing and prioritizing business goals around these touch points.
  • Using a crawl, walk, run strategy to define each phase of their plan and producing tangible results in each phase.
  • Analyzing each phase to continuously learn and grow, while ensuring their strategy centered on their customer, not just Aspire.
  • Using a vast partner model and focusing on the end consumer to influence their whole ecosystem.
  • Implementing a new definition of their corporate website that is:
    • Content rich
    • Graphically engaging
    • Built on a platform that is flexible and offers new and innovative tools to engage with users and drive conversion
    • Presents defined directed paths for each target audience with sub-goals for each path
    • Features a customized business adviser portal – rich with gated content that their partners can use to respond to their customers. The portal has daily posts, tools, and content that is delivered on a relevant and real-time basis.

This approach enabled Aspire Financial Services to digitally connect and integrate with providers, thus deepening relationships.

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Melissa Puls, CMO of Progress Sitefinity, focuses on changes in marketing and organizational culture for a successful Digital Transformation.

Key points include:

  • Customers now have the ability to make independent buying decisions. This makes marketers’ impact much more valuable and integral to the success of a business.
  • The Progress marketing team focuses on the following to be successful in their industry:
    1. Technology: They implemented Sitefinity CMS across all digital properties. In addition they use the Digital Experience Cloud to capture data about visitors, define their customer, and customize their journey.
    2. Content is King: If buyers are making their own decisions, creating more organic traffic is key. This is the basis of an evolving “Digital Ultimatum” for business success.
    3. Agility: Ability to respond super-fast. Constantly updating content and site assets (e.g. logo, graphics, content, and directed paths).
  • The biggest takeaway in digital transformation is that content is king and needs to be relevant.
  • A successful digital transformation requires common objectives between Marketers, Developers, and IT. Further, a business’s digital transformation must occur both externally and internally.
  • Gone is the concept of a “Campaign.” We now need to develop larger content topics that are broken up into multiple touch points and smaller consumable pieces. This enables us to connect with buyers in a relevant manner along the various points of their buying journey.

Here are some links mentioned in the webinar to help you evaluate and plan your business’s digital transformation:

Bayshore Solutions is proud to be a certified solutions partner with Progress Sitefinity. We are equally proud of the success of our client, Aspire Financial Services, with its multiple award-winning website.

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