survival_kit“Digital savvy means survival,” is not just for the private sector anymore.

By Mary Jirak, Bayshore Solutions Project Management Team

Public sector and educational organizations need to step up their game with digital capabilities and “customer” service. The Atlantic reports that even the US Government is getting serious about making its web design “Less Sucky.”

As the attention span of the average human declines, it is important to adopt as many digital trends and best practices to reach your audiences. Even public sector services such as government agencies and educational entities need to establish themselves as equal with the private sector and better their customer service using these best practices. Their voter-originated and constituent-funded long-term survival will increasingly depend on this.

Some of the Digital Factors that need strategic attention are:

Digital Media

With customers more focused on social media and online news sources, public sector entities are looking to create digital channels to improve their audiences’ access to the information they share. Additionally, their websites are moving towards more responsive web design to make it easier for public access via mobile devices and tablets.

Digital Analytics

The use of analytics is helping these entities to grow, monitor, and mark areas that need improvement throughout their constituents’ (a.k.a. their customers’) journey.

Improved Consistency Across Channels

To improve customer service, entities are working to better connect all channels of communication so they can consistently provide the same message and answers; whether it be by phone, email or social media.

Cross-Device Uses

The media in which users are interacting today are vast. Therefore, it is important to consider cross-device development when modernizing new websites and applications. Entities are looking to create website and social presences that can be used by any device with any screen size to make digital learning more accessible.

Whether you are in the private or public sector it is important, now more than ever, to stay relevant and adopt digital best practices.  The digital marketing industry is ever-evolving and can be hard to keep up with. Bayshore Solutions is here to help.

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