Advantages of nopCommerceBusinesses face a bewildering array of choices when it comes to picking an e-commerce platform. Being a full-service digital agency, the experts at Bayshore Solutions have had the opportunity to develop on many of them.

nopCommerce has emerged at the top of their list, so much so that Bayshore Solutions has become a nopCommerce Gold Partner and is the #1 partner in North America.

Digital agencies may recommend many different platforms based on business arrangements, but Bayshore Solutions likes to work with nopCommerce because of the superiority of the system.

What Is nopCommerce?

Established in 2008, nopCommerce is an open-sourced and free e-commerce platform. It is designed both for new businesses that hope to grow fast as well as those with an established presence online.

The platform is very popular, with more than 1.8 million downloads. nopCommerce platforms are used by many companies, including Volvo, Puma and Reebok.

Advantages of nopCommerce

This is an area where we at Bayshore Solutions work often with our clients in website development. Over the years, we have found many advantages to using nopCommerce. They include the following.

Multiple Stores. The platform allows users to handle multiple stores from one administrative panel, a major advantage.

Multiple devices. One of the major changes in consumer behavior is that they now want the ability to shop when they want and where they want. That means websites must allow for easy navigation whether a person is on a computer, smartphone or tablet. nopCommerce supplies the responsive templates that allow that to happen.

Speed of site. nopCommerce comes with a number of features that directly impact speed of site, a critical issue for every online business. This includes generated bundles and minified files, SQL indexes that speed up queries and caching of stores, currencies and languages between requests.

Customization. nopCommerce is an ASP.Net Core 2.0 open source solution that fully integrates with Microsoft technology.

Modular packages. These improve security and allow for the transmission of information in a way that means an entire framework does not have to be installed and maintained on a server. Instead, bundles are versioned to match the version of nopCommerce being used.

Strong Community. There is a very strong, highly active community of nopCommerce users that can offer support. There are also agencies with many expert nopCommerce developers – Bayshore Solutions has 13 certified developers on staff.

While the choices are many, nopCommerce stands out. It’s worthy of your consideration when looking for a quality, flexible e-commerce platform.

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