By: Kimberly McCormick- Bayshore Solutions Corporate Marketing Team

Experienced Interactive Marketing Agency

A few weeks ago, I was enjoying the usual around-the-luncheon-table networking at a local professional marketers association. When my table-mates learned I was the Marketing Director at Bayshore Solutions. I was suddenly inundated with an excited plea for advice from another corporate marketing director. “I am just coming into this role and starting to structure my team. How would you advise I set up my team for SEO, Social and Internet marketing?”

And that’s when it hit me. I am one of the luckiest corporate marketing directors on earth. Why? Because I literally have a green-beret swat team of internet marketing experts just a meerkat-style cubicle pop-up conversation away – all day, every day.

The strategies, toolsets and best practices required for effective SEO, paid search and social media marketing are technical, detailed and are changing daily. For a typical marketing director, the online element is only a portion of the initiatives that fall under the umbrella of marketing’s responsibility. It is a daunting feat for any single corporate marketing director to be skilled as broadly and deeply as is needed to be on their A-game in all aspects of marketing. So it is imperative that they have the best-qualified team in place to deliver these A-game results.

I thought rapidly about what advice I could share with my peer-director. Primarily, that they need to be able to bank on the competence of the person they will be entrusting to perform their firm’s online SEO/SEM marketing, because managing this area is increasingly critical to success. Other selection issues they should consider include: Do they know the right questions to ask potential candidates? Can they distinguish which skill sets are valid for today and tomorrow versus yesterday? Be sure to ask what the most recent training/ conference experience they have had in online marketing was – and what their main take-away was. Be sure to review case studies form candidates showing their experience and the measurable accomplishments they have already delivered. Then I stopped in mid-thought.

With all sincerity, and no salesy ulterior motives I said, “I am very fortunate to have a team of experts helping evaluate and guide my own online marketing initiatives. Internet marketing is an extremely complex and rapidly changing area – that also just happens to be a critical factor of successful marketing today. I would worry about having all that tactical responsibility resting on one employee’s shoulders inside a company. And you don’t have to. It really makes sense for a corporate marketer to partner with an interactive agency to deliver consistent and ahead-of-the-game online marketing results. You can basically have what I have – for less than the budget you are considering putting into that FTE.”

Here’s a quick snapshot, based on my experience with our “E-Marketing team”, of what you get in an agency partnership:

A dedicated internet marketing expert certified by Google, Yahoo/Bing, SEMPO and more – times 10 minds:

  • Each week this team meets to reinforce the basics and to discuss the newest developments, tools, and tactics in Internet marketing. This team is represented at every major Internet marketing conference. Then the entire team is educated on the lessons of the conference – and the strategic implications and opportunities for clients.
  • Every week they formally collaborate to address issues, challenges, successes and advice for getting the best client results possible.
  •  They connect on-the-spot when an issue crops up – or more often, when an issue is predicted even before it happens – in order to cure or avoid it, ensuring that SEM traction and results are uncompromised.
  • The subject matter expertise applied to a client is broader, deeper and more current that one employee (or even a few) would be capable of given the limitation of 24 hours in a day.

An expert internet agency partner hits the ground running armed with the latest education, real-world experience in proven techniques, and a cutting edge passion for ongoing ROI, because they are acutely aware that this is the linchpin of the partnership.

I know I couldn’t do all that alone and in-my-humble-opinion, I doubt any one person could. As Bayshore Solutions’ corporate marketing director, I am very fortunate to have all this “in house”. If I didn’t, the first move I would make would be to partner with this agency and put them on my team.


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