By: Bayshore Solutions’ Project Management Team

All companies who incorporate effective quality assurance will follow this method: Understanding their customer’s expectations, matching their product or service scope and specifications to this level, and then delivering to them.

Implementing a process that assures the end product meets and exceeds the quality standards that your customer’s want keeps them coming back and ensures a long-term relationship, no matter what the industry.

At Bayshore Solutions, we use the very same processes and principles of quality assurance in the design, development and marketing of our customers’ websites.  Here, QA means your website has been reviewed – from code lines to color gradients – with thorough testing of the content management system (CMS), cross-browser compatibility, aesthetic look, functionality, search marketing readiness, and aptness to achieve your expectations of converting website visitors into customers. We first make sure  that we understand you what you expect, then we use our QA processes to make sure that we are delivering to those expectations, while ensuring the best possible user experience of the website.

We go into detial in detail with tasks that put this QA stamp of approval on our web projects, because we know that this is helping to deliver that trust in excellence by our customers.

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