By:  Bayshore Solutions Digital Marketing Team

With the launch of their Tag Manager, Google put the power in the hands of Digital Marketers. We’re very excited to see this new tool now available. Now, we can easily and quickly add tags to pages. With just one container of code we’ll be able to fire off different tags to each appropriate page. These tags are managed by rules which can be set appropriately based on your needs.

To get started we’ll have to ask a developer to add the container of code within the body of the page templates. Once this is complete we’ll work through the tag manager to set up tags and rules. No more coding needed!

There are several ways we can use this to consolidate our code and ensure no delays with page load time. Instead of adding Google Analytics code we can fire off a tag site wide. Same goes for conversion tracking and remarketing code.

A simple example would be setting up two different remarketing audiences based on visitors to URLS that contain /shoes/ and one for URLs containing /hats/. Without the tag manager we would need to make sure each page received the appropriate code as new products were added. Now a large ecommerce website can easily be managed with these rules as tags are added on automatically.

Google also provides predefined macros for more advanced remarketing. Now you can set a rule to fire off when transaction amounts are greater than $100. This will allow us to remarketing special offers or products to these customers.





Bayshore Solutions digital marketing team stays current with the new, innovative tools that your company can utilize to better understand and accommodate your market.

This is a great addition to the Google Analytics tool set!

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