By: Jason Dorsett- Bayshore Solutions IT Team

A few weeks ago Google submitted a bid for Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion. Motorola Mobility makes smartphones, tablets, wireless accessories and TV set-top boxes. Much of the conversations currently being held are about Motorola’s large wallet of licenses and patents. The point that is being missed is the affect this will have on the set-top market.

Some might remember in the late 90’s, there was a set-top box called WebTV (now owned by Microsoft). WebTV let you surf the Internet on your TV without the need of an expensive computer, but the feature list pretty much stopped there. At its height it had over 800,000 subscribers and over $1 billion in revenues.

Today many of us have more advanced set-top boxes in our homes. These set-top boxes allow us to record shows, view movies and pictures from our home network and watch videos on demand from our TV providers. One of the largest producers of these set-top boxes is Motorola Mobility. Motorola produces set-top boxes for the cable and satellite companies for use in our homes and businesses.

In May of 2010 Google announced Google TV. Google TV allows people to connect TV programs, Internet sites and application together. With Google TV people can watch movies though Netflix or connect with their stock portfolios while watching the nightly news. However, Google TV has had mixed reviews and stiff competition from Apple TV and TiVo. With the acquisition of Motorola, could this be a way for Google to bring Google TV to the masses by partnering with Cable and Satellite providers? If so this could be a great growth area for Google TV and further integrator of Google products into our lives.


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