By: Fred Wootten – Bayshore Solutions Programming Team

My partner and I recently took the daughters of our out-of-town guests to a local theme park. The girls’ father had given them some money to buy whatever they wanted at the park. They both decided that they wanted to have their hair wrapped (a decorative “braiding” of the hair that I had never heard of…I guess I need to get out more). We visited the artist’s booth where she had a display of her work. There were pictures depicting the variety of wrapping styles and techniques available. The girls looked over the pictures, discussed what they liked or disliked and each selected a style. Then, working with the artist, they selected the colors of string to be used in the wrap as well as choosing from a wide range of beads and charms to be used as embellishments. They had to limit their selections since they only had the money their father had given them. The artist then went to work wrapping the colors and working the selected decorations into the hair wraps until she had created a unique design that each girl was very proud of and that reflected each girl’s individual style.

It occurred to me later that, while simplified, the process that the girls went through to select and design their hair wraps is very similar to the Web design and custom Web development processes that Bayshore Solutions goes through with clients.

Our clients are encouraged to search the Web for sites that they like and dislike. This process not only gives us an idea of what the client likes, but this critical analysis helps to give the client a better understanding of good design versus bad design.

Clients then work with our designers to select colors, graphic elements and layout to be used to create a pleasing and effective website design.

Working within a budget, the site features are selected with the assistance of our developers to give the site the functionality that meets the client needs and specifications. The desires of the client don’t always fit within their budget and we work to find creative solutions that will meet their needs without breaking the piggy bank.

Together, the team then creates a website that successfully represents the client’s brand and purpose.

Bayshore Solutions’ design and development process is far more complex than choosing a hair decoration, but the desired results are the same—a unique product that the client can be proud of.

To be honest, the girls actually spent more than their father had given them and we made up the budget shortfall.  After all, it’s hard to say “no” to all those sparkly beads!


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