By: Kevin Hourigan – Bayshore Solutions Executive Team

People I work with, and work for, often hear me quote “Well, you know what our company’s last name is right??    – “SOLUTIONS” – Bayshore Solutions.    I often say that as a form of humor but with a meaning as well, and that meaning is no website, web marketing, or business is the same.  They all need the right solution to be the most effective they can be.

When finding the “best solution” we often run across some really great products, easy to install widgets, smart people, great offers, big budgets, you name it, we run across it.   It is often exciting to find these neat tools and often part of their attraction is that they are inexpensive and quick to deploy, which often lends an association of less risk.    Think of some of the things we have run across the past few years, setting up a Twitter account, Facebook Page, Blog, eMail Marketing and more.  The time they take, the low or no cost, and the more entry level skill sets made it easy to implement, but, what where the results?   I often find the results do not meet the original expectations. The company not only invested in payroll time spent, probably some budget dollars but also the larger cost of the distraction these efforts made to other efforts they could have made that would have had a better value back to the business.

When it comes to these widgets, great deals, smart people, and other interesting campaigns, slow down.  First ask yourself, if today was the one year anniversary of this “cool tool” being deployed and the CEO is going to make me employee of the month for what we accomplished in this year, WHAT HAPPENED???   You will probably say inquiries are booming, sales are off the charts strong, the VP of Sales is bringing me bagels for breakfast each day, etc…

As the old saying goes, “start with the end in mind.”  When looking at these cool tools, we often evaluate their low cost, easy to install and an “anybody can do it” attitude and dive in head first without the end in mind, only the “easy to start” beginning.   We bury our heads into this this single tactic and we can show a lot of activity quickly, but, that low risk and rapid deployment often results in little value and a distraction to what might have really worked had a longer term vision, measurements and expected results be thought through.   The team at Bayshore Solutions is committed to help you find the right solution by understanding your goals, how you will measure them, how they benefit your business, what assets and skill sets you have and those that you need and we will team with you to find the right SOLUTION!!

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