By: Fred Wootten – Bayshore Solutions Development Team

Much like remodeling a home, when it comes time to update an aging website you’ll want to follow some easy steps to avoid turning your remodel into a nightmare!

Evaluate – As time passes your website needs may change. Consider how well your current website meets your present and future needs. Is it too small? too large? Awkwardly arranged? Is it time for a makeover or a start over? What is the purpose of the remodel?

You may find that your current site has all the features you need and just needs to be given some “curb appeal”. Your current site may have features that would be difficult or time-consuming to recreate. You may even be able to reuse existing code to avoid unneeded expense. Enlist the help of others to help you recognize the advantages and disadvantage of your current website before you proceed.

Get Inspired – Much in the same way you might visit homes in your area to get ideas. Search the web for similar business sites as well as other types of businesses to see what others are doing. Create a list of websites you like and of features you would like to include in your new website.

Choose Your Team – Find good help. Selecting the right team of project managers, web developers and website designers to provide the skills needed to realize your dream is crucial. A site remodel can be a long and stressful process, you will want to partner with someone you trust and feel comfortable with to minimize this stress. A company’s years of experience, positive references, and industry accolades are all things to consider.

Prioritize – Which of your wish list items can you do without? Which are “must haves”? Write down your priorities. If your budget doesn’t support your entire wish list, you will want to be sure you still get the top things on your list accomplished. Consider how important each item is to the overall functionality of your site. The little things can add up.

Working with your web development team you can determine which features will fit within your budget and which dreams may have to be set aside.

Expect Changes – Your team of web developers and website designers will help you make a plan and set your expectations before you begin. While a detailed plan can eliminate surprises, changes to your plan as you progress in a project are inevitable. Communicating effectively with your development team during the development process is crucial for a successful project.

Much like a home, a well-built, well-maintained website can last for a long time.  A website remodeling project can be most efficiently accomplished by preparing ahead and approaching a web developer with a clear idea of your requirements. This will ensure that the project is completed properly and at the lowest possible cost with the least amount of stress.

Contact the professional website redesign team at Bayshore Solutions to learn  more about how we can revitalize your web presence.


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