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By Fred Wootten, Bayshore Solutions Development Team



Bayshore Solutions’ employees recently competed in our annual Cinco de Mayo “Dip-off”. While preparing my entry, I started thinking about how Bayshore Solutions’ web development process is much like a recipe for success. The right combination of quality ingredients in the hands of a skilled chef can create the perfect dish.


Most of us would not start cooking without a recipe. Reviewing your needs and objectives and available “ingredients” is an important step for a successful outcome. An envisioning phase will help us create a custom strategy sure to please you and your customers.


The presentation of a dish is as important as the ingredients. Proper brand development and interface design as well as the visual appeal of your website will add just the right dash of spice to your website.


Every chef needs the right tools and equipment. Bayshore Solutions can incorporate numerous technologies to provide the best solution for your project, whether it is a simple content management system, complex e-commerce platform or custom developed application.


A delicious presentation will attract an audience. Bayshore Solutions can help you capture a hungry audience and convert them into satisfied customers who will keep coming back for seconds.

Proper planning, thoughtful web design, professional development and effective website marketing will help insure that your website creation is a taste sensation!

Oh, by the way, my guacamole dip won first place! I guess I got the recipe right…

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