By the title of this blog your first thought is probably “duh!!!!” who does not know that the consumer’s opinion is important in the process of web design.  Well, we probably all know that, but, do we all really spend the time to gather that information?  My experience tends to fall that the intentions of getting consumer opinion gets lost in the internal process of getting the website redesigned.

An example of this is all too often, when the topic of website re-design comes up within a company, we start asking the opinions of those internally in the company first.  We typically need to get management approval for the expense and investment of the website.  That attempt to get approval starts the process of gathering internal opinions if the website should be redesigned or not and then members of the internal team start to share THEIR opinions of what their consumer wants.   Next thing you know, you have the VP of Sales sharing an opinion, the VP of Marketing, CEO, Customer Service Managers, even the CFO says he or she knows exactly what the consumer wants.   As those conflicting internal opinions are debated, company meetings take place, days, weeks and month’s go by, a vote or some sort of final decision is made for approval of the website, but, now, time is not on your side.  Everyone has a priority to get the new website design live in 90 days and the original topic of what is important to your consumer has been forgotten.

So, the question is how often are we really asking our consumer’s, that being our past customers, current clients and prospects about what is most important our website deliver to them?   If you get caught up in the common example above, the answer is fewer companies are really getting their consumers opinion up front.  They tend to redesign and then after the website is launched might have really good analytics and monitoring, but, that is an expensive and slower way to gather the consumers opinion and takes significant education and discipline to be able to decipher the information.

My suggestion, when it comes time to decide if you are going to redesign your website and you find yourself spending more time trying to acquire management approval versus gaining consumer’s expectations of your website’s offerings, change your plan.   Pitch management on making one or two web page modifications and A/B test your current website pages to the one or two that you are going to create and test against.  Set management expectations that if you can prove measurable results on these few web page modifications, that they allow you to proceed with the full website redesign and allow you the chance to spend your time gathering consumer opinions, not management’s who may be too close to your brand.

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