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By Lucy Esteves, Bayshore Solutions’ Project Management Team

If you thought that launching a website was the last phase of a project, guess again. It’s just the beginning.

To start, get set up with a maintenance plan.

There are several options that can help you meet your online goals. A content plan, including topics, a schedule and goals are top of the list. The content plan could result in needing some infographics or custom calls to action to make it really valuable content. To save yourself the stress of regularly producing content, try to have a reserve of posts and media stored up so that you can effortlessly syndicate.

The content plan is just one part of your schedule. We recommend putting together a full and very detailed calendar for all of the tactics you’re going to cover. For example, if you’re using social media as one of your outlets for marketing, make sure you have your scheduled posts ready to go. This will make those timely, more impromptu posts easier because you won’t be creating under pressure, and the content will be organic.

Include in your detailed plan checks of webmaster tools, resubmitting your site map, or any potential obstacles and anticipations. Our team is ready and waiting to help take you to the next level. Get on a maintenance plan, too. It will assist in budget planning for this most important phase of your online goals.

With all the hard work that goes into building a website, it’s easy to feel like the work is over when it launches. It’s best to consider the construction phase as an introduction to the ongoing story of your site: a living, breathing place for your message.

If you would like help building, launching and maintaining your best business website, Contact us today.

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