How an Agile Agency Delivers Higher Value to Your Business

AgileAgencyBy Jesse Anderson, Bayshore Solutions’ Development Team

There are a few buzz-words that keep going around and around in the development community, and “Agile” is one of them. Some still find it confusing. So what is this “Agile,” really – and why should you care?

In 2001 at a conference of developer elites, the “Agile Manifesto” was born. The document became a principle expression of what is best described as a product delivery framework. There have been many unique implementations of these agile principles that go by a variety of names, such as Scrum, Kanban, LEAN software development, Extreme Programming, Feature-driven development, and so on. As a result, the word “Agile” carries with it a variety of meanings.

With all these interpretations of agile practice floating around, if I were to tell you that Bayshore Solutions is committed to become an agile agency , exactly what does this mean to you? What is the value of “Being agile” to our customers? What is the benefit of being more agile? What makes Bayshore Solutions unique in this approach?

To answer these questions, look no further than our company values.  By becoming more agile, we become better at how we live and work together to deliver value to your organization, we become better at being Bayshore Solutions. Here’s an example of how our core values of Commitment, Quality, and Teamwork are improved as we grow to be a more agile agency in 2016.

Value: Commitment

Becoming more agile means commitment to our customers through increased collaboration and feedback during the development process. Our development teams will be working towards development goals better structured to provide business value to our customers while being flexible to changes in the product functionality.

Software, and even digital marketing solutions, take time to develop. By being more agile, we aren’t developing our solutions in a black box for months only to surprise you with the final product. Over time, ideas grow stale and business models change. In the agile methodology, our customers are able to work in direct and regular communication with our team as new ideas arise and change.

We work with our clients to prioritize and revisit these ideas in the agile process called backlog refinement, which happens frequently during the development process. Backlog refinement allows us to keep our customers engaged with our team to iron out the details of the product’s overall vision, adapt to the changes our clients may experience, and deliver value through frequently prioritizing our approach to deliver business value to our customers.

Value: Quality

With our commitment to our customers and by allowing them to be more engaged in the development of their product, we will release products with increasingly higher quality as we become more agile. Through daily team stand-up meetings called scrums, we are able to work out technical challenges, addresses bugs and technical debt, and collectively share knowledge on how best to implement a given solution.

The agile development team works in phases called sprints so that our customers don’t have to wait months to see their product for the first time. At the end of each sprint we deliver a concrete piece of software, an incremental release, to our clients to review. By keeping our release time short through incremental deliverables, we can ensure maximum quality and customer satisfaction. Maintaining shorter release times also increases transparency with our customers so that they can know the goals for our sprints and have a clear picture of what pieces of the product vision will be delivered in each one.

Value: Teamwork

The previous two values have really expressed the benefit for our customers of being more agile. Behind the agile methodology, however, is a value that internally makes Bayshore Solutions a better, more coherent organization: Teamwork.

Being a more agile web development agency means fostering a culture of trust, and trust builds authentic teams. By being more agile, we build a culture of trust and it is this trust facilitates our commitment to our customers and the development of high quality marketing and development services.

Teams based on trust means less overhead, less bureaucratic red-tape and micromanagement. This directly translates to more time to develop and deliver quality products to our stakeholders. When we trust one another as an organization, it forms a positive feedback loop. Trust brings teamwork, and teamwork brings an authentic commitment, and commitment brings quality. When we trust one another, we spend less time monitoring tasks and managing each other, and spend more time bringing you higher quality digital solutions that better integrate technology so that your company can be more successful in the digital age.

As Bayshore Solutions celebrates its 20th anniversary year as an organization, we strive to become more committed to our clients, our co-workers, and our company. With modern approaches to development, we believe that as an agile agency, we can deliver higher quality products to our clients with a more innovative approach.

Let us put our 20 years of driving digital success for our customers to work for you.

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