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By Milynn Luong, Bayshore Solutions’ Digital Marketing Team

Whether you are a small business or a large multinational business, do you need to be on twitter? With over 288 million active users, it’s definitely worth looking into.

Twitter users are using the platform for more than just venting and sharing personal thoughts. They are hungry for information, new ideas, connecting with people and discovering new products and services.


In fact, Twitter yields as much as 2.1 billion search queries every day. If your business is not a part of this network, it leaves you out of the opportunity for the exchange with millions of active users who could be looking for your business.

So Why Should Businesses Be On Twitter?

  • Connecting with Your Audience

It’s about building a relationship with your customers and community. Twitter offers users a direct line to your business to engage, ask questions and share their experiences with your company. Leverage those interactions to increase brand loyalty. Reciprocate and share content that is relevant to them, insights into your business and exclusive behind the scenes information or offers.

  • Branding

Twitter is an extension of your marketing and branding efforts. By being on Twitter, you have the opportunity to build a voice and develop the kind of presence that attracts potential customers (and keep current ones engaged).

  • Gaining Customer Feedback

People are most likely talking about your brand on Twitter. This is a great opportunity to use Twitter to see what they are saying and how they feel about your business. Reviewing customer engagement, you may find opportunities for customer service and improving your product and services.

  • Generating Leads

Twitter opens doors for businesses to reach new customers who may not have known about your brand previously. You can do so by directing them to your website or even capturing email addresses from campaigns using Twitter Ads.

  • Staying on Top of Your Industry

Twitter gives businesses the ability to keep an eye on what’s going on in the industry by tracking hashtags, using Twitter Search and reading what your followers have to say. Use the platform to monitor hot topics, news, trends and what your competitors are doing.

There are plenty of ways Twitter can be used at your company beyond these 5 reasons. But at its foundation, it’s truly about building an audience that engages with your brand, information sharing and reaching new potential customers.

Bayshore Solutions can help you identify ways you can integrate Twitter into your digital marketing efforts. Contact Bayshore Solutions for more information on how we can help you with your social media strategy.

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