content creation rules to capture wallet shareby Doug Pace, COO, Bayshore Solutions

Companies are continually looking for ways to drive customer engagement to capture wallet share of their customer and revenue for their company.  Over the last 10 years much effort has been put into digital advertising to influence this engagement.  SEO, PPC, and Social Media have all been core to accomplishing this goal in a cost effective manner.

As more companies look to compete in the digital space, many challenges come to bear.  Search Engines are continuously editing their search algorithm to give more weight to quality content published by authoritative sources, resulting in established companies “owning” much of the online space.  Large brands, including Marriott, Red Bull, and GoPro, have identified this strategy and have invested in creating in-house content studios.

In order to combat the online trend, companies need to invest in creating quality content that will be found, consumed, and shared by its audience.  These 3 simple rules should help to create great content and get it in front of the users that matter:

  1. Identify Your Audience

    The first rule is to identify who you are creating the content for – spend time creating profiles of your ideal customer and their demographics.  Define their gender, age, hobbies, and tendencies.  Give the profiles names and make them tangible.  This will help your team to stay on point and create strategies for the people who matter.

  1. Understand Where They Live

    It’s not about geography, but is about targeting a digital lifestyle.  With the personas in hand, work to determine where these people get their daily dose of content.  Do they read blogs, do they skim the latest news, do they shop on Amazon, are they consuming content via phone or desktop?  Some people only focus on search value of content, but that only covers people that are actively looking for your product or service. The secret is capturing the eyeballs of people that need your product or service, but are not looking for it.

  1. Define Why They Will Care

    This is the most important, but most overlooked rule of all.  Its easy to create content that you think is great, but the user will never read or watch.  Think about the last commercial you really watched…OK – can’t remember? It’s likely because the commercial did not resonate with you as an individual.  Really good content is based on what the user needs, but what they need is not a commercial on your service or product.  If you can’t say why the user will care about the content being created, you should create something else…

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