CEO Insights on Thought Leadership led by Bayshore solutions President and CEO Kevin HouriganBy Kimberly McCormick, Bayshore Solutions Director of Corporate Marketing

Bayshore Solutions President and CEO, Kevin Hourigan led a CEO Insights roundtable on demystifying one of the latest buzzwords in business and marketing, “Thought Leadership.”

What is it, why is it important, and how to best create a strategy to achieve Thought Leadership for your specific business were explained and explored among the group of business executives attending the CEO Insights session.

Thought Leadership is broadly defined as:

The strategic delivery of innovative ideas, relevant advice, and experienced-based solutions typically built upon a carefully constructed cache of thought leadership assets.

If this sounds similar to another popular current marketing tenet, “Content marketing,” that’s because thought leadership is closely tied to content marketing.  In fact thought leadership is a facet of, and an outcome of correctly implementing content marketing.  The key differentiator is that thought leadership evolves from a content base that is not explicitly a “marketing pitch.”

Valuable content consisting of ideas, advice, tips, and aides in an area of subject matter expertise put in the hands of your target customers achieves these ends:

  • Positions you/your business as an expert with valuable reference materials to consult and keep handy
  • Establishes credibility for your/business
  • Puts you into the set of consideration – before you even know your customer is “shopping” for your product or service
  • Makes you/your business a “Thought Leader”

As a result, your “marketing” calls to action, invitations to engage in the sales process, and lead/customer conversions are set up for greater success; especially in the current world of internet driven and socially connected commerce.

Click to download the slides from Kevin’s CEO Insights roundtable.

CEi Insights on Thought Leadership - a How-To Guide to Content Marketing for New Business Development
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