By: Doug Pace – Bayshore Solutions Executive Vice President & COO

One of the most common questions we receive from our customers is “How can I create a content strategy with the limited resources I currently have?”

The simple answer to that question is that it is difficult. A good content marketing strategy involves the identification of your customers business/emotional drivers, creation of content elements that speak to that that audience, and syndication of that content across multiple channels (Facebook, Newswire, Web, Youtube, etc), and the measuring of the effectiveness of that content through analytics and defined actions. Nevertheless, many clients understand that and still press the question, so I will outline my strategy for them.

If you have limited resources and feel that a content strategy will drive results for your marketing strategy we suggest that you start with a “Big Rock”. A Big Rock is a collection of organized content that is created as a single project. An example of a Big Rock would be something like “The top 50 items to think about when selecting a medicare plan.”


Keeping the “Big Rock” simple in nature keeps the campaigns moving forward. Most people can come up with 50 items for their industry in a night’s time. If you were to request a whitepaper or detailed analysis, it turns into a month long project.

The Big Rock can be made into a booklet for passing to prospects and customers, but it can also easily be made into a few campaigns. One can create a display campaign focused across select channels (AARP, Retirement, Money Magazine”, with the call to action of “click here to download the top 50 items to think about when selecting a plan”.

The individual items can also be segmented to individual items and scheduled across ones social media (Facebook, linkedin, Twitter) channels. With limited resources – an iPhone, some good lights, and iMovie – you can turn the 50 items into a set of organized videos that discusses 5 items at a time, optimized and syndicated across YouTube.

The 50 items can also be used as a focus for a series of email campaigns focusing on 5-10 items in each email with a call to action of downloading the book. Furthermore you can modify your current website to include individual items within the text and within miniature calls to action.

It can be that simple and these small campaigns can have good results. Make sure to think about your customer and include their emotional buying drivers within the content. This campaign should take about 2-4 days to create, but will provide content for a month long campaign. Review your analytics at the end of the month and adjust based on what you see.

To learn more about how the Bayshore Solutions team can help you create and implement the right content strategy for your business, contact us today.


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