By: Andy Morris – Bayshore Solutions Digital Account Manager

It’s been said over and over. “Content is king.” Creating quality content is vital for successful social media marketing. However, creating good content isn’t the only piece to the puzzle. One of the most neglected elements of strategy we see is a commitment to repurposing content and recognizing the varied habits of social media users.

Get More Out of Your Content

Once you’ve knocked out that 1,000-word blog post and posted it to the website, don’t let it die there. How else can you turn all of that juicy content you’ve created into multiple social media posts?

Repurposing content into different mediums and formats can help engage with users on different channels.  Plus, you’ve already done the hard work of creating the meat of the content. Now you just need to change it up a bit.

Let’s use the example of a blog post. You can take all of the written content you created and make it visual by putting into an infographic. You can turn the topic of your blog post into a YouTube Q&A. You can drive people to read your post on Twitter and Facebook by posting statements or stats from the post as individual tweets or Facebook posts. You can even take those statements and create attractive graphics from them and post them to a Pinterest board.

Thinking beyond the original format of your content will not only help you create more content for your channels but will help you connect with different types of users.

Extend the Shelf Life of Your Content

You’ve spent hours creating that gorgeous infographic or days going through the editing and approval process for an amazing new video. It’s time to post it on social media and get your audience engaged. You post it on a weekday afternoon…and never again.

Big mistake.

Think about how your own social media habits differ from people you know. Some people scroll through Twitter or Facebook throughout the entire day while some people just check it in the evenings.

Scheduling your content multiple times on your channels on different days or different times is crucial to capturing more engagement from your audience.

If you post your content in the morning, schedule it to run again later that evening. You can also re-post some of your content again over the weekend if you originally posted it during the week. Depending on the topic of your content, you can post it again 30, 60 or even 90 days later.

Take it a step further and think about creating new content that calls back to content from the past such as “Our Top Posts of the Year.”


One of the major discussion topics in social media today is organic reach versus paid reach for content. But it still boils down to creating timely and quality content for your users that reaches them when they are ready to consume it. Taking your content creation to the next level through repurposing it and scheduling it better will help increase your audience engagement.

If you’re looking for a strong social media content strategy for your business, our experts at Bayshore Solutions are ready to help you today! Contact us to get started.


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