Must-Have CMS Features to Enable a Winning 2017 Content Marketing Strategy

How to start using your CMS for Great Content Marketing Start Here markerPart Five:  Strategic Steps to Content Success

The previous posts in this series on how to use your CMS to surface content strategically for your website visitors, we explored getting beyond your blog using the critical insights of your content data, intelligent organization that helps your visitors meet the right content right away, effective synchronization of CMS and business tools integration, and engaging user-generated content to build trust and set your business apart.

Now let’s wrap up with how you can take smart steps to start, achieve quick-wins then extend your CMS charged content marketing, even with a small marketing team.

Start Strategically and Then Scale

Although the end-game and trendy buzz of marketing technology with Big-Data is a one-to-one, informed and ready-in-the-moment relationship with customers, few companies have the resources to truly apply Big-Data marketing.  But most small to mid-sized businesses do have the ability to use their website Content Management System.

While CMS cannot be your Big Data platform, you can use definitely principles from it, and there is a lot of scalable support within a CMS for implementing strategic content marketing that extends beyond your blog. This requires thinking though your technical capabilities and using them to update & surface content in a meaningful way.

You may be thinking, “Great, so how does my 1- 2- or 3-person team do this?”

Here’s a checklist to figure out what makes the most sense for your company and how to get started (without biting off more than you can chew):

  • Always start with your data – Identify the 1 or 2 pages that matter most
    • Which ones are delivering leads and sales? Start there
  • Make sure you have the right technology in place and integrated to:
    • Use tagging & categories
    • Start collecting customer-specific relationships with content & data
  • Make sure you understand, “Who is my talk-to persona” (have that buyer profile ready)
  • Think through “How do I put together a content flow for just this page and the customer persona(s) visiting it?”
  • Plan out and build that content flow
    • Using the capabilities of your CMS
  • Monitor and measure your results
    • Using content reporting, integrated analytics, CRM & MA
  • Then, repeat with the next pages and topics of high visitor engagement and interest

As you’re evaluating the technology capabilities that support your marketing needs, you may find that its time to review or update your CMS. We’ve put together this Free Guide on How to Select a CMS to help with this process, ensure you’re asking all the right questions and have the needed information to make the right choice for your business needs.

Get the Free Guide: How to Select a CMS

by Kimberly McCormick, Bayshore Solutions Director of Corporate Marketing

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