Don’t Let Design and Content Pull Your Website in Separate Directions.

Blog-Arrows-OppDirby Erin Gray, Bayshore Solutions Vice President

The start of each year typically kicks off with the latest trends and predictions for the new year, but for 2016 the hottest trend is turning out to be the same as 2015:


It’s all the rage. Your customers need it. Google’s algorithm changes reward it. Your business needs to embrace it.
The big question is: Is your website designed to provide it?

Does your website design help visually flow your content? Does your content add value to your website experience? If not, your design and content could be pulling your website in separate directions for both the search engines as well as your customers

Technology changes rapidly. A website that was completed only two years ago may not be able to provide the framework needed to market your business effectively to your customers today.

Ask yourself…

Is my website responsive?

With more search occurring on mobile devices, if your website is not responsive, you could be losing half of your audience. Heavy blocks of content become unreadable on smaller devices.

Does it integrate easily with social media content?

Integrating your digital assets allows for a better and more interactive user experience.

Does my website allow for easy content updates, such as photos, job openings, news and copy changes?

Can you add a blog or easily optimize your content for search? As technology becomes dated, you need to be sure that your CMS is supported by the latest versions of the top browsers. If the technology is no longer supported, you may have challenges updating your website’s content.
If your website is no longer meeting your needs and the needs of your customers, we can help. From a simple website “health check” and regular maintenance updates, to a new website built on a marketing feature-rich CMS, like Kentico, we have the digital solutions and expertise to grow your business.

Whether it’s updating your website or improving your content strategy – we can help!

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