By: Marshall Slaton – Bayshore Solutions’ Digital Marketing Team

For the past several years, Bayshore Solutions has attended the annual Digital Dealer Conference in Las Vegas. The conference is one of the largest gatherings of auto dealers and auto specific software offerings focused exclusively on online marketing.

We attend on behalf of our automotive clients in order to bring them the latest case studies and ideas from the conference, but we also find and discover marketing strategies and tactics that are beneficial to other industries and clients.

Over the next several weeks, we will be highlighting several of the sessions that we found to be of value and provide you with insight as to how it may effect or benefit your current online marketing strategies and efforts.

Beyond the education sessions, there were also some great keynote sessions that delved into improving the sales closing process, improving customer service, and transforming your culture.

Here are some of the session summaries to look forward to:

Ways You Can Increase Your Search Engine Marketing ROI

  • Simple Steps to Improving Your Online Reputation
  • Keynote Session – The Wolf Of Wall Street and the Straight Line Selling System
  • How To Maximize Inventory Conversion from Search to Showroom
  • Secrets to Social ROI Success
  • Practices to Engage with Customers via Email, Phone & Text
  • Direct Response Selling on Facebook
  • Getting Creative With Your Content Strategy
  • Website Analytics vs. Shopper Analytics
  • Creating the Perfect Customer Journey
  • Cultural Transformation Experiences
  • Digital Strategy as an Ambassador

Overall, the most significant takeaways from the conference that applies to any business dedicated to increasing their digital marketing awareness are:

Video Content – Engaging consumers via video content is essential. Consumers today do research via video and will refer to videos when getting ready to make their next purchase. It’s easy to digest content for the consumer, so must be part of your marketing plan.

Mobile Devices – The trend continues to show that the mobile phone is today’s Swiss army knife for information and interaction. Are you mobile optimized for generating action?

Texting – More people engage via text messages than email across all age groups. With the growth in mobile device usage, have you considered how texting can provide that extra channel of engagement?

Segmenting – With more data available to businesses, are we still communicating the same standard message across all of our consumers? With technology and analytics, we should focus more on segmenting our messaging and work to improve personalizing our content.

Customer Service – The elements and practice of customer service is imperative in today’s digital world. It is quite easy for customers to comment and express opinions online, therefore, we must have a plan that is communicated organization-wide to care for our customers through anticipation, and not reaction.

We look forward to sharing with you our discoveries and insights, and we’ll update this post with links for each of the sessions we will be highlighting in the upcoming weeks.

If you’d like to get started designing and deploying digital marketing that drives results for your business, contact us today.

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