By: Nate Velazquez – Bayshore Solutions Digital Marketing Team

When starting a new fitness plan, most people generally start the same way. First, you need a goal. Whether it’s losing weight, gaining strength, or running a faster mile, identifying your goal helps you create your unique plan to achieve it.

After identifying your goal, you next develop a plan. You may decide to eat more green vegetables, increase the amount of days you work out, or maybe you decide to get more sleep so your body can recover. Finally, you execute. You wake up early and hit the gym, you cook those healthy meals even though you don’t have time, and you put all of your energy into achieving your goal. It is much the same process to get your digital marketing fitness plan functioning and generating results.

Set Your Goal 

A strong fitness plan is very similar to a strong Digital Marketing plan. Identifying your goal first is vital to determining what your strategy is. If your goal is to generate new leads, one strategy you may choose is creating more engaging content to establish yourself as an industry leader. Every strategy should be associated to one unique goal. You wouldn’t plan to lift heavy weights if you’re trying to run a faster mile, after all.

Work Your Plan

After you’ve determined your strategy, you then move into the action, or the tactics phase of the strategy. Using our goal of generating new leads as an example, some of the tactics we may choose are writing new industry related blogs. By publishing new blogs regularly, your audience will come to see you as a company that knows the ins and outs of your industry. Be sure to include a strong Call-To-Action as well, so your blog posts can add to your lead generation process.

Exercise Variety

Another tactic to generate new leads is utilizing social media properly. Social media works hand in hand with generating new leads in a variety of ways. Aside from promoting your latest offer or blog post, companies use social media to engage with their audience and address any issues they may have. Providing reliable and prompt customer service can separate your business from the rest of the industry when implemented correctly. Like fitness, it’s important to engage in different SEO tactics to keep your business healthy. Training all aspects of search engine optimization leads to well-balanced, healthy website.

Stick to it – Winners Never Quit

The hardest part many people have with SEO is sticking to it. At first, you’re excited and anxious to start your goal. But after a few weeks, some of us lose steam. Your blog posts go from every week to every other week, you ignore your 301 redirects, or maybe you stop posting on Facebook because it seems like your efforts aren’t being rewarded. Stick to your plan! You will not see overnight results in your personal health, or in your website’s health if you give up. Even though your traffic may not be seeing immediate lift, over time you will see your efforts begin to bear fruit.

Measure the Milestones

The best athletes and the best digital marketers both have two things in common: Dedication and Measurement. Like athletes, comparing your performance in a specified time period, say a month, to another may identify strengths or weaknesses in your overall SEO plan. A strong SEO plan will adapt and change over time as data becomes available.

A Professional Coach Makes a Big Difference

Sometimes we need some extra help. Athletes have coaches and trainers to help them achieve their goals. If your SEO plan is falling short, it may be time to speak with our team of digital experts. At Bayshore Solutions, we leverage our team members to create a strong strategic plan. Our digital marketers regularly consult with our developers and directly with our Agency Partner team at Google to ensure our strategy and tactics are in the best interest of our clients. Contact us today to discuss creating a strong digital marketing fitness plan to achieve your goals.


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