By: Bayshore Solutions Digital Marketing Team

You may consider yourself an expert or just starting in Digital Marketing, but no matter where you are in your learning process, you must equip yourself with the right tools to get the job done. Just as a baseball player carefully considers what type of bat he will use, or what cleats for a soccer player, having the right tools is imperative to achieving success.  As a digital marketing expert, a tool I frequently use to achieve search engine marketing, or SEM, success is Google Chrome Extensions.  Google Chrome Extensions help make my work more efficient, productive and the plug-ins really make finding the right information easily accessible at all times. The top four Google Chrome Extensions I use help me gather important data include:


SEO Site Tools

This nifty tool lives in your browser and inspects all aspects of a website and webpage, giving you essential information from multiple sources. This all-in-one tool brings in information from Pages indexed to Server information. Being able to check important SEO info such as Inbound Links to a site, or looking up the Meta Data easily makes this extension an essential:

Redirect Path

Part of the Digital Marketers effort is making understanding the technical side of a website, and ensuring that 301 Redirects are correctly implemented.  This tool lives in your tool bar and will let you know when there is a particular ‘http’ path on a page and clicking on the extension will actually show you the path it took to get there.

Chrome Sniffer

Is Google Analytics on your webpages? This tool pops up to let you know all of the types of scripts live on a webpage. This is great not only for verifying tags on your own site, but also checking what your competitors are implementing as well.


As Google continues to push towards their Semantic Knowledge, coding your site with Schema is going (or already is) to be a make or break essential to a top performing websites. This tool shows up only when a webpage contains Schema data, and clicking it will show you what is tagged and what it looks like.  It is especially crucial for eCommerce websites to contain Schema data on all their products.

Hopefully my top Google Chrome Extensions list gives you a small glimpse inside the world of a Digital Marketer.  And while these are some of my favorites, by no means is this the complete list! While these tools are essential to my work, the results that come from them are completely dependent on the strategy that is in place.


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