As a Google Partner Agency, Bayshore Solutions enjoys direct connection with Google experts and access to marketing data in aggregate and for specific industries. At our recent team conference, our Google team shared some insightful data with us on Holiday shopping and tips on how differentiate and succeed in the fast-approaching, competitive Holiday shopping season. With thanks to our Google Agency Partner team, we’re excited to be able to share these insights (and cool Google graphics) with you.

Google’s post-Holiday shopping study in January determined that last year:

78% of consumers used the internet for holiday research

40% of holiday shopping occurred online

These trends are growing, which means that 2015 will be the most connected Holiday shopping season ever.  Some more key findings to tune your Holiday strategy to include:


Holiday Shoppers Start Early

  • 48% of Holiday shoppers completed the majority of their shopping on or before “Cyber Monday” (the Monday following Thanksgiving)
Shoppers are expected to spend more this season, using the internet to drive their decisions
  • 53% of shoppers used Smartphones or tablets, up 41% from the past year

Shoppers are researching more and open to buying from different retailers & brands

Many shoppers are waiting until the last minute to purchase – some of the top spending days happen after traditional/anticipated peaks.

Shoppers continue purchasing after the Holidays

  • 34% of shoppers continued their holiday shopping after the holidays
  • Dec 26th was the 3rd biggest day for sale-related searches last year

Google-HolidayStrategySo what should Businesses do to capitalize on the trends? Google suggests this four-stage Holiday strategy and timeline.

Each level has a checklist of marketing tactics and options to customize to your specific business and audience.

For example, part of building your foundation and planning for the Holiday search peak should take into account Google’s recent layout adjustment for mobile search results.  Google found that 61% of Occasion and Gift Category search queries came from mobile devices (where the screen real-estate for search results is quite limited).  Google shopping results now will be served on top of paid search results.  So, do you have a Google hopping product feed? Is it competitively optimized?

Another part of foundation and planning that businesses should be addressing now is establishing and building remarketing lists – in order to be in front of your customer and top of mind during the peak of the coming digital holiday shopping blizzard.

A practical marketing planning guide breaks down into a “Now, Next, Later” approach.  Google presents an overview of launch tactics and key strategies for each of these stages here:


Having your holiday marketing initiatives structured strategically to take advantage of current trends and resonate with your target audience will give your business a distinct competitive advantage in the digital marketplace, not only through this holiday season but ongoing.

As a Google Partner Agency, Bayshore Solutions has access to industry-specific data, toolsets and an expert team to drive successful campaigns for your business.
Contact us today and let’s make your holiday marketing bright.

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