56% Increase in Organic Search Traffic within 3 Months


About Heritage House

Established in 1968, Heritage House is a niche specialty retailer located in southwest Miami, Florida. Their niche is boys suits and tailored dress clothes, focused on the belief that certain affairs call for a boy to dress in a style that reflects well, not only on himself, but on his family and on the dignity of the occasion.


Heritage House offers a wide selection of boys’ suits and dress apparel and wanted to increase their visibility online and increase traffic to their website, BoysSuits.com.


By incorporating online marketing tactics including search engine optimization, keyword research, strategic content management, and an effective link building strategy, within just 3 months Heritage House saw a tremendous increase in traffic and visibility.


In just 3 months:

  •     Organic Search Traffic increased 56%
  •     Google traffic increases 53%
  •     Non-branded keywords increased 53%

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